Cruising with overnight stays…

Both Artemis and Blaze have good headroom and a head (aka toilet) that enable  members to rent a boat to cruise further afield than we do on social sails and explore other parts of the lake.

Here are some pictures of a recent trip to the mouth of the French River.

So far Artemis has been most popular sailboat for cruising because she can approach a sandy beach to allow members to step off into a few feet of water. By raising the centreboard and rudder and using great care the stern of the boat can be brought within 10 or 20 feet of the shore.

There is a kit of non perishable supplies boxed on the boat but members are responsible for all other needed gear and fuels. They are also responsible for cleaning the boat and having the black water pumped out.

In 2019 the club, thanks to the generosity of Brian Stepaniak, has acquired an inflatable dinghy that can be used with Blaze to reach shore from anchorages.

Anchorages around Lake Nipissing

Members and non members are invited to provide information about anchorages they have used so that others can find and use them safely. The following is a number of links to details of anchorages:

  1. Manitou Islands – anchorage manitou beach
  2. Goose Islands – anchorage south goose bay, north side
  3. Campbells Bay – anchorage campbells bay, small cove