Technical Information and Links

This area contains technical information relating to BSSC’s assets. The information is sorted by each of the boats owned and a general section.

If you are a member and have information that you think should be added please contact Bob Carpenter at .

Allegro (Columbia 23T)

Sailboat data 

T-23 specs 3rd party

Outboard motor 2016 Tohatsu 6 hp 4 stroke 

furler manual CDI


Artemis (Hunter 26)

Sailboat data

Hunter 26 Brochure

Hunter 26 parts

Outboard motor 1995 Mariner 9.9 hp 

Cooking stove Hunter Origo Manual


Blaze  (Northern 25)

Sailboat data

Westebeke vire7-1

1972 Westebeke Vire 7 hp 2 stroke inboard motor 3rd party website

Furler manual seaflex