Come sail with us!

The sailing club is for area residents and visitors alike who want to learn to sail or share their knowledge with others who love being on the water, powered by wind.

New members pay a one-time initiation fee of $100 in addition to annual dues.

Annual membership dues are $150 and this allows members to participate in all club events. Members can also seek to be approved as Skippers so that they can rent club boats. See the rental section for details.

Missed our open house?  Send us an email  and to get a 2022 membership application form,   CLICK HERE. 


What you gain with membership:

  • A social environment in which to learn sailing and make new friends.
  • A sustainable and eco-friendly recreation to enjoy exploring Lake Nipissing.
  • You can join two hour long Social Sails, currently scheduled five times a week to sail with different members and in a variety of conditions. Social sails are scheduled to make sure that we get everyone out. We supply the boats and the skippers, so you can just enjoy sailing, exquisite sunsets or be as active as you want in being part of the crew, including taking over the tiller! All members can attend!
  • Organized trips for all members to destinations on Lake Nipissing, in our boats as well those owned by our members.
  • “On the hard” social events such as star gazing, safety lessons, launching of the boats and hauling them out and winterizing them, work bees in the summer for all members. Future sailing goals? A great way to learn what you need to know in owning and maintaining a boat.
  • All members get all of the up to date weather from our weather station on the Eastern shore of Lake Nipissing near the marina, where the weather is a lot better than either the south or north shores. (Currently unavailable)
  • As an Approved Skipper you can book and use our two 23′ sailboats boats with motors for your use, you don’t need to own your own boat. Great cockpit size for four adults. Only the Approved Skipper has to be a member. Boats are equipped with the required safety gear, etc.. Skippers bring their own common sense.
  • Approved Skippers can rent a boat for 24 hours periods, when they are not otherwise scheduled for use,  at $100 each 24 hours and use them for overnight cruising/camping.
  • You can learn basic sailing skills with the Basic Keelboat Sailing Course which is ten hours of “hands on” learning. Many people who complete the course are then at a competency level to operate the boats safely and be approved as a Skipper. We all continue to learn from experience and sharing with one another.
  • Great opportunities also exist for learning how to look after a boat with volunteers engaging on a range of tasks from clean up to working with wood, epoxy and fibreglass .