Social Sails

2022 Social Sailing 


Subsequently times and frequencies can be adjusted to suit members’ preferences. Changes will be notified by email and on this website. Let your committee know your preferences … just email .

We meet at the first marina gate on the boardwalk fifteen minutes before sailing time. Boat rentals are limited at social sailing times so that there are two boats available for social sails.

Skipper volunteer’s decisions with respect to social sails are final including go/no-go and sail foreshortening decisions. All members must wear a PFD during social sails. Bring sun protection, water, a hat and a rain jacket with you.

Social sails are open to all members and their invited guests. Each member, guest and the skipper volunteer of club boats will pay $10 for a social sail, which is usually about two hours long. Payment is in cash prior to casting off and there are no refunds. If there are insufficient places for all members and guests, members will be given priority.

In consideration of other members and to avert fire risk on board, smoking or other sorts of flame are not permitted on club boats. Similarly, in consideration of other members, children under 13 and pets cannot be taken on a social sail. Youth under 18 should be accompanied by an adult. Families are welcome to take pets and younger children on board when they have rented a boat.

Jan’s 100th sail of the summer 2019…

Jan Luthe has participated in almost every social sail and a good number of private sails as well. He has been out, mostly in his boat Catchup one hundred times this year.

190712 Catchup social sailing 2

Allegro during 2017 social sail. Photo by Brian Stepaniak


September 12, 2019 Impromptu Social Sail – Some photos

190912 Joel on Blaze
190912 Blaze headed home
Blaze coming home
190912 Artemis
Artemis from Blaze

190912 Bob on Artemis190912 Catchup and Blaze chasing down Artemis

Blaze on 190708 social sail below. Photo by Arley Roberts.


Below is video clip of Allegro during social sail.