Fall Regatta in Callander hosted by NBYC

Five boats from Blue Sky Sailing took part in the two race , one day event. The boats arrived the evening before the Sept 10 start and NBYC found slips for them all.

The winds for both races were light and areas of the Callander Bay were dead at times which caused frustration for some and good opportunities for others.

The results were posted on the NBYC site and are copied below:

Canada Day Race 2022 🇨🇦

NBYC hosted the traditional North Bay to Callander race in 2022. The weather cleared up after a cloudy morning, the threat of thunder evaporated and racers were left with a beautiful but windy day.

The start gun went at 13:15 with 12 boats crossing the line or at least an extension of it. Not all racers understood which side of the committee boat was the line. No matter the focus changed immediately to close hauling with more than 15 knots of apparent wind. It was a tough and bumpy sail and the entire fleet had to make at least one two tacks to round J5 and head into Callander Bay. After J5 a broad reach soon became a beam reach and boats made great speed across the bay and to the NBYC finish line.

Canada Day Race fleet results from NBYC website

Tuesday June 28th 2022, NBYC invited Blue Sky Sailing Club members to a “Learn to Race” evening comprising an information session and a trial race. 8 or 9 members participated and enjoyed an informative evening with a fun race. Most o the members were dispersed among NBYC boats. The only Blue Sky boat there was “Inevitable”.

Results are below.

Results from NBYC website.

From 2021

Okay; first of all, club members are newbies when it comes to organizing races. While some members have crewed on boats that race at NBYC and others have raced in their distant past, there is a need for a lot of learning. That being said, there was huge enthusiasm at the 2019 Fall “Cancellation” Regatta when 5 boats competed in two races and most participants wanted to have more events in 2020. Hence a racing page on our website.

Our first event is written up in the “Events” page of this website. Fair to say that the races were ruled by confusion, gusty winds and a tremendous attitude of sporting fun.

We distributed a set of simplified racing rules to get us started. Click here SIMPLIFIED-RACING-RULES-FOR-BEGINNERS

There was no racing in 2020 and 2021, mostly because of the pandemic but there are high hopes for some in 2022. Hopefully we will be able to have regular races in North Bay and still take part in Callander at the NBYC from time to time.