Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What type of boats does the club own?

A.  The club owns three keelboats :  a Columbia 23  named Allegro, a Northern Yachts 25 named Blaze and a Hunter 26 named Artemis. The Columbia is a shoal keel that runs the length of the boat and allows the boat to go in relatively shallow water. She is very rugged boat with simple rigging and is used for lessons and private sailing. The Northern Yacht 25 is a fin keel boat with an inboard engine that sails well in string weather. she has headroom and a head. Artemis, the Hunter 26 has water tanks for ballast and a swing centreboard giving her 6 foot draft and the ability to point well. With headroom, a head and spacious living quarters she is a favourite for cruising/



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Q.  What are the membership dues?

A.  Annual dues are $150 .  There is an additional one-time fee of $100 when first joining the club.

Q.  Can I use a boat on my own?

A.  The boats are available for club-approved skippers (only) with a usage fee of $20/hour or $100/day. The usage fee is prepaid.

Q.  Are sailing lessons available?

A.  Lessons are available to club members at a cost of $40/hour. The Basic Keelboat sailing package is ten hours that is good preparation for those that want to become an approved skipper.

Q.  Does the club offer lessons for children or a youth sailing camp?

A.  Lessons are available to club members (age 16+) only.

Q.  When are social sails?

A.  Socials sails are held, weather permitting, on Saturdays (10 am and 4 pm), Mondays (6 :30 pm), and Wednesdays (10 am and 6:30 pm), generally for 2-3 hours.  Members and their guests pay $10 per social sail. At these times any member that wants to sail meets on the dock and we take out as many as boats as we are able to.