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Blue Sky Sailing Club


End of the 2016 Sailing Season.


Your help is needed starting at 9 am. 

Last social sails: Monday and Wednesday (OCT 10th and 12th) at the usual times and then we will start the work of getting the boats and equipment ready for storage.

Look forward to seeing you there.

 Social Sailing Times Adjusted for Fall:

With the earlier sunsets at this time of year, the Monday and Wednesday evening social sails now start at 17:30 hours (5:30 pm). This lets us enjoy a couple of hours of sailing before it is dark. The picture below is from the social sail on Wednesday evening (Sept 14th:)

Mid September and sailing is still great!

Beach Picnic in beautiful weather!

The August beach picnic at the Manitou Islands was a great success! The pictures show Andante and Allegro moored by the beach in warm sunshine and picnicers in the shade!.

boats at island

Mooring by the beach

Allegro at the Manitou Islands; moored for the beach picnic

Allegro by the beach


Lunch in the shade.

Summer sailing fun

"Come Sail with Us"

Missed our open house?  Want to become a member?  Send us an email and we'll look after you.  Its never too late to join This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Got to love sailing!

"Join us just for the fun of it!"

Learn more about this eco-friendly recreation on beautiful Lake Nipissing. We’re located at the North Bay Waterfront near Memorial Drive.

The Blue Sky Sailing Club is not a yacht club. You don't need a sailboat to join. You can learn to skipper, join a crew and enjoy sailing opportunities and social events through the year on the club's owned boats.

Club Merchandise

Identify yourself as a member of the Blue Sky Sailing Club or show your support with our selection of shirts and hoodies with the club logo ranging from size small to XL.

White short-sleeve T-shirts: $12

Navy long-sleeve T-shirts: $24 (By order only)

Navy hoodies: $33 (By order only)

3" decals: $3 (Free to new members)

4" decals: $4 (Free to new members)

5" decals: $5

Email the club for details.

A Real "Hit"!

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